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II Strong Training and Barbell Club uses Train Heroic to deliver programming to athletes and help athletes log their training sessions. All athletes will have a profile under Coach Gayer that will help athletes with all of the following:

  • Readiness Surveys to track each athletes recovery individually

  • Personalized programming modified by Coach Gayer to meet the needs of each athlete depending on their goals and training level

  • Videos for each exercise for quick and easy visual references

  • Training logs so you will remember what you did each and every session

  • A Train Heroic profile that will keep track of all of your PR's and workouts

  • Leave notes/comments after workouts for coach or message me directly on the Train Heroic app

Example of what II Strong programming looks like on
Train Heroic

II Strong Barbell v2.png

USA Weightlifting Barbell Club and Personalized Strength and Conditioning Programming for Athletes of All Levels

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