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More About II Strong Training & Barbell Club

II Strong Training was developed by Jordan Gayer after over a decade of experience in strength and conditioning. Jordan is a proud member of USA Weightlifting and uses the same principles and progressions as the USA Weightlifting American Development Model to train weightlifters at II Strong Barbell Club. II Strong Barbell Club is the USA Weightlifting Club started by Coach Gayer and uses the II Strong Training multi-level systems to progress lifters to their own Olympic Weightlifting careers! The training systems are programmed to develop weightlifters from a youth level onto national-level and onward.

These training systems don't just apply to weightlifters, II Strong also has Powerlifting programs and sports performance programs designed to help any athlete or lifter progress. These systems begin at a youth level and progress through a multi-level system that is easily modified to match your needs. The workouts are designed with the focus of developing stability, mobility, power, and most of all strength. Strength of all things takes the longest to develop, and this is why II Strong Training programs dedicate so much time to developing strength first.


Not only athletes need strength though, everyone needs to be strong enough to do what they want with their life. II Strong also offers personal training for anyone who is looking to develop strength and coordination. The II Strong Personal Training programs are focused on developing strength and fixing imbalances we develop over a lifetime. These programs are less focused on barbell movements and use more dumbbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight movements to improve coordination and strength without beating up your body. No matter your age or ability movement is the key to health!


Treat yourself like an athlete in the gym and invest some time in developing a solid strength base. You can never be too strong! If you are interested further I will be working to get articles and other posts in the blog. Thank you for your interest!

Jordan Gayer

Founder&Coach of II Strong Training

USAW Level 1 Coach

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